CT/PT Tester is an automatic device used for testing of instrument transformers by injection of primary current .

CT/PT Tester is capable of conducting below tests on both CTs & PTs : ​

  • Turns Ratio

  • Excitation Curve Plotting

  • Polarity

CT/PT Analyzer is an all in one solution for testing all type of CT/PT as per IEC standards.

It is an equipment with high ROI . Below features make KPM CT/PT analyzer and ideal tool for CT/PT Manufacturer , Testing labs , Substations (Up to 765KV) ,Power Plants etc.

  1. Low Testing Time (Completes all test for CT/PT Winding & Cores in a few min)

  2. Simple connection (Simple one time connection)

  3. Highest Accuracy (0.05% for turns ratio & winding resistance )

  4. Portable & Light Weight ( < 15KG )

  5. High Interference Rejection (Can be used in 220/400/765 KV Live Switchyards )

Tan Delta TD12

  • High stability in noisy environment of EHV S/S ( up to 765 KV)

  • Simple operation, the instrument is equipped with a high-end full touch LCD screen, super touch interface, and each process is very clear. Operators can use it without additional professional training.

  • Mass storage data

  • The instrument is equipped with a calendar chip and large capacity memory. The test results can be stored in chronological order. Users can view historical data at any time and print it out.

  • Multiple test modes

  • The instrument can be tested by high pressure, high voltage, standard, positive connection method, reverse connection method, self excitation method and other methods.

  • CVT test step in place

  • The instrument can also test the full sealed CVT (capacitor voltage transformer) C1, C2 dielectric loss and capacitance, to achieve the C1, C2 simultaneous test.

  • Do not dismantle the high-voltage lead measurement CVT

  • The instrument can accurately measure the dielectric loss and capacitance of CVT without dismantling the CVT high voltage lead.

  • CVT reverse shield method for measuring C0

  • The instrument can be used to measure the dielectric loss and capacitance value of C0 on the upper end of CVT.

  • High speed sampling signal

  • The inverter and sampling circuit of the instrument are all controlled by digital, and the output voltage is adjustable continuously.

  • Multi protection security

  • The instrument has many protection measures, such as input voltage fluctuation, output short circuit, over voltage, over current and temperature.

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