5G / WLAN /DSRC /BT  Technology 

The advent of 5G has been a game-changer in our C-V2x advancements. The unparalleled low latency and robustness of 5G networks ensure that the voluminous data required for C-V2x communication is transmitted with near-zero delays. This is crucial for the split-second decision-making needed to prevent accidents.

M1-Michigan Highway 

Outdoor AP - Point to Point Connectivity 

Detroit, Michigan, known as the cradle of the American automotive industry, is now leading the charge in a new era of transportation safety and innovation. Through the strategic deployment of Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology, the city is not merely dreaming of a safer future—it is actively constructing it.

Our recent projects have seen the installation of cutting-edge V2X equipment throughout the city’s key intersections and high-traffic areas. The integration of wireless network devices, roadside units (RSUs), and onboard units (OBUs) in vehicles are the pillars of these initiatives. These devices facilitate real-time communication between vehicles and the urban infrastructure, thus forming an interconnected network that serves as the foundation for our collision avoidance systems.

Campus -Wi-Fi @ Education sector 

Point to Point Radio 

Wi-Fi Radio with IP 67 casing 

MIT -Deployment of Indoor AP

Wi-Fi P2P deployment 

Wi-Fi Campus Connectivity using UBR Radio's

Surveillance camera 

Out door Cameras with Wifi Radio 

 Technology Strengths 

Capable of handling Wi-Fi